From Data to Design: The 2nd Workshop on the Challenges and Opportunities for Qualitative Data Research Methods in HCI

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from the HCI community who are interested in using qualitative research methods to inform design decisions and wish to explore different ways of structuring research output in order to make it accessible and usable by other researchers and designers.

In the first part of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to share case studies in which they used different approaches to analyse qualitative data that has implications for design and, in particular, how they adopted (and adapted) existing qualitative data analysis approaches to support them in moving from data to design. These may include methods such as thematic analysis, grounded theory, activity theory, ethnography, discourse analysis, or any adaptation of such.

In the second part, participants will split into groups to apply qualitative data analysis approaches they are familiar with to example data, in order to produce design insights. A group discussion will explore different ways of overcoming challenges associated with applying each approach for informing design. This workshop is an opportunity, for researchers and practitioners alike, to share and discuss work, ideas and challenges revolving around rigorous data collection, analysis and design-specific outcomes.

Co Chair: Chris Porter,

Co Chair: Stephann Makri,

Co Chair: Oussama Metatla,

Co Chair: Nela Brown,

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