From Data to Design: The 2nd Workshop on the Challenges and Opportunities for Qualitative Data Research Methods in HCI

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from the HCI community who have adapted qualitative research methods to inform design decisions.

In the first part of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to share case studies in which they used different approaches to analyse qualitative data that has implications for design and, in particular, how they adapted existing qualitative data analysis approaches to support them in moving from data to design. In particular, this workshop will focus on adaptations of Thematic Analysis, Grounded Theory and Activity Theory.

In the second part, participants will work in groups to discuss in more depth the rationale for adapting their chosen method(s) and how they overcame challenges associated with applying each approach for informing design in the context of their research.

This workshop is an opportunity, for researchers and practitioners alike, to share and discuss work, ideas and challenges revolving around rigorous data collection, analysis and design-specific outcomes. After the workshop, attendees will be given the opportunity to contribute to a journal paper on the theme of moving from qualitative data to design insight. This would entail further collaborative work and additional writing up following a prescribed structure.

Co Chair: Chris Porter,

Co Chair: Stephann Makri,

Co Chair: Oussama Metatla,

Co Chair: Nela Brown,

We invite participants to submit a 2-4 pages position paper in the eWiC format explaining some example research where they have applied QDA techniques to inform design, how they did so, the challenges they faced and how they overcame (or tried to overcome) them.

Position papers should be submitted using EasyChair by clicking on the following URL:

Click Here to View Submission Guidelines and to Submit a Paper

Room: Meeting Room 2 
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 14:10 Introduction to the workshop series
Plan for the day, housekeeping
14:10 – 15:00 Presentations:  focusing on the research context, QDA approach followed, key challenges and ways of overcoming them

Andrew M’Manga, Shamal Faily, John Mcalaney, Chris Williams, Youki Kadobayashi and Daisuke Miyamoto. Qualitative Adaptation: Informing Design for Risk-based Decision Making

Nick Bryan-Kinns, Yongmeng Wu and Wei Wang. Thematic Analysis for Sonic Interaction Design

Vanessa Cesário. Analysing Texts and Drawings: The Teenage Perspective on Enjoyable Museum Experiences

George Alain and Tim Coughlan. Co-Designing Educational Technology Systems for Refugee Children

15:00 – 15:15 Coffee/Tea Break
15:15 – 16:00 Discussion 1: Qualitative methods
16:00 – 16.10 Short break
16:10 – 17:00 Discussion 2: Moving from qualitative data to design
17:00 – 17:15 Round-table
Summary of the discussion, way forward after the workshop