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Workshop 6: Role of HCI and ICT to Innovate Teaching and Learning

The advent of ubiquitous computing and digitally rich environment in the last decade, has led to technology use in educational institutions for improving the student learning experience. Different forms of technology continue to be developed and used for several reasons, including but not limited to delivering and sharing teaching materials, increasing engagement, enhancing communication, and module assessment. The rise of digital technology in teaching has also created new teaching models and pedagogies such as MOOC, flipped classrooms and gamified learning. However, opinions regarding the effectiveness of technology to transform teaching and learning is often debated, and sometimes technology is considered disruptive. Nonetheless, it is apparent that digital technology has infiltrated in the ecosystem of the higher education and received significant attention from researchers and practitioners from interdisciplinary domains.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from multiple domains, including HCI community, who are interested in exploring drivers and barriers to using technology for enhancing student learning. Additionally, the workshop will include an interdisciplinary discussion on different forms of digital engagement and corresponding pedagogies suitable for digital engagement.

There will be a keynote in the workshop (details TBC)


We invite papers (length between 2 to 4 pages, excluding references) on a wide range of topics related to the workshop theme, but not limited to:

  • Digital engagement in teaching and learning
  • Effectiveness of technology
  • Use of visualisation to convey complex and big picture concepts
  • Designing usable and assistive technology for all, including learning disabilities
  • Case-studies on technology use to enhance student learning experience
  • Teaching pedagogies and technology
  • Technology and new assessment models
  • HCI and technology for teaching/learning
  • Perceptions regarding digital engagement and acceptance
  • Cross-country comparisons/differences in using technology during teaching
  • Critical review/meta-analysis of technology use in higher education


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Worksop Chairs

Dr. Soumyadeb Chowdhury (Aston University) email:

Professor Karen Renaud (Abertay University) email:

Dr. Lewis Mackenzie (Glasgow University) email:

Dr. Ahmad Beltagui (Aston University) email: