Damien Dupre


Using physiological changes and facial expressions to understand individual’s emotions “in the wild”: an overview


Ph.D in Social and Experimental Psychology from the University Grenoble-Alpes, France, Damien’s researches are focus on understanding emotions ‘in the wild’. With Anna Tcherkassof in Grenoble, he has contributed to develop the DynEmo database by recording and assessing dynamic and spontaneous facial expressions of emotions.

While his thesis aimed to evaluate Emotional UX of innovative technologies and designs, he is now KTP associate of the Queen’s University for Sensum Ltd. – a Belfast based Company specialized in the Emotion AI (https://sensum.co/).

By collaborating with some of the world’s biggests brands & agencies to deliver business value by innovating with emotions, biometrics, sensor technology, data analysis and artificial intelligence, Sensum is one of the leading provider of emotion insights.

Sensum is delivering a string of world-firsts across scientific research, mobile & wearable tech, to immersive media experiences – all driven by Emotion AI. In Sensum, Damien is processing physiological measurements and automatic face recognition systems in order to infer emotions of people driving autonomous cars or practicing extreme sports.