Stephen Giff

Senior UX Researcher, Google

Evolving the UX Research discipline. Remaining relevant in a rapidly changing world.


Stephen Giff is a native of London but has lived in Seattle since 2001 (with a brief spell…3 years… in Copenhagen). He received
a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Birkbeck, and a Masters in HF/HCI from UCL. Since that time, Stephen has worked on a variety of technology – from Web, eLearning, ERP, Developer Tools, to Advertising and Hardware. He is passionate about the UX Research discipline and thinking about how it needs to evolve to meet the ever-changing challenges of our industry.
He loves seeing the world through the eyes of customers, and partnering with Design/Business/Engineering to turn the insights
uncovered into meaningful solutions.  Stephen was previously a Principal UX Manager for Microsoft Advertising, and recently joined Google as a Senior UX Researcher where he is focused on Google Cloud Platform.